Pali Aike National Park

Located at 190 kms Northeast from Punta Arenas, in the driest area of the Magellan steppe. It is astonishing to see the land covered all over with basaltic rock, forming an intricate landscape similar to the moon surface. Besides, it is possible to observe, but scarcely, mammals as grey foxes, skunks, etc. On the way to Pali Aike, we will encounter the first ranch built in Magallanes, San Gregorio Estancia, founded by pioneering families in 1878.

Tour Duration: 8 hours
Attractions: Archeological/ Historic
Available: All year
Necessary Equipment: Warm clothes , Winter jacket, trekking shoes.


. Transfer
. Lunch box
. Snack in Hostería Tehuelche
. Driver/Guide - Español

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